Camp Packing List

What to Bring:


  • twin sheet set + blanket, or sleeping bag*
  • pillow*
  • towels, washcloths, whatever you need for bathing*
  • headlamp/flashlight
  • bathing suit and towel
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray/repellant
  • water bottle
  • shower shoes (cheapo flip flops)
  • multiple layers- nighttime temps will likely be in the 60's
  • a warm hat


  • river shoes
  • hiking shoes/clothes
  • books, cards, boardgames...
  • travel mug for hot bevvies (if possible- the camp only uses styrofoam for hot beverages and we hate that)
  • cooler and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages of choice for enjoying throughout the weekend (don't worry-- the wedding will have an open bar...)
  • a small speaker, personal camp items like camp chairs, etc.
  • an eye mask, ear plugs, extra sheet for more privacy, etc.; anything you need for comfort sleeping at camp
  • electric fan for the cabin (if needed, it will be low 50's at night)
  • decorations for your cabin/bunk, string lights, anything you think is fun and festive
  • a stone or sacred object for the alter
  • bourbon, whiskey, or other for Whiskey Tasting Event

Please DON'T bring...

  • Anything with or requiring an actual flame
  • Pets
  • Covid-19

*A note about bedding for our guests who are traveling to us by plane: we assume you'll need linens, pillow, and towel, and are sourcing that for you! If you DON'T need something, let us know so we don't buy more than we need. CA guests, we are unable to provide linens etc., so please bring your own! (If you have extras you're willing to loan out, we would appreciate the help!)

Have specific questions about what to bring? Just ask us!