Do I have to sleep in a tent?

No! Everyone will be in a bunkhouse in a bed (twin yay!). There are flush toilets and running water. See Accomodations page for how to pay for lodging.

Can I bring kids?

Sure! While this is an adult-centric wedding, it's also a really fun spot for kids and there will be plenty of stuff kids like--bikes, swimming pool, low climbing wall etc. We just ask that you take full responsibility for them, as all the activities are self-led.

What's the dress code?

Forest Couture! Radical personal expression! Whatever you want to wear that makes you feel your most you self and your most fabulous comfy. Not casual, but as formal as you want to get in the woods. Woodsy Art Chic? just keep in mind that the ground is dirt, so footwear with chunky heels works best. But do you. Make that stiletto work!

Whats the drink situation?

For the wedding celebration, there will be a full bar, with plenty of non-alcoholic options. BYO for the rest of the weekend. There is a general store about 15 minutes down the road from camp for ice and basics. Oddly, the only ice available at camp is from a drink machine, so please bring more in a cooler if you need it.

Are all meals for the weekend provided?

Wedding dinner is provided of course! We will also be offering lunch both Friday and Saturday and dinner on Friday, as well as brunch on Sunday--the cost for those meals is folded into your lodging cost. All meals will have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.